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The Crafty Caregiver

Who Am I?

(Definitely not Jean Valjean) Hi, my name is Sue Jones and I have been a life long lover of all things Artsy or Craftsy. I am a woman of a certain age who wants to share the tips and tricks she has learned along the way with like-minded individuals and hope you share with her as well. (That was my Bob Dole, third person thing coming out there for a bit, sorry)

What Am I Doing?

(Your guess is as good as mine) This is my plan, which will change on a weekly daily hourly basis, I guarantee. I will offer insights and how-to’s on DIY Crafts, Acrylic Painting and Cricut projects.

I am also continuing my quest to talk/write about my Mother’s journey with Parkinson’s Disease (and my journey with her) Hopefully enough time has passed since her passing (2 years ago) to make me a little less emotional about it.

Abstract Painting Skyway Bridge
Abstract Painting of a Storm Over the Skyway Bridge in Florida

What’s In It For You?

I will try my best to answer any crafting questions you may have, give you some inspiration when you need a last minute gift, and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way.

When you sign up for my email list, I will send you a Password for my Library Resource page. I’m teaching myself how to use Inkscape and make SVG files for Cricut. The fruits of my labor will go on that page for you to use. Please check back often as it will be contiually expanding.

Eventually, I will be developing a bi-weekly Newsletter with tips, tricks and Freebie Updates. (That’s every two weeks, not twice a week.)

I would like for you to participate, as well.  Therefore, if you have a craft, tip, how-to or interesting tidbit, I would love to hear about it and with your permission, tack it up here on my wall. For instance, if you have a question about anything, let me know and we’ll find the answer together. In conclusion, I’m hoping this will be a collaboration of like-minded individuals, you and I. Please comment often!

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