Take Care of the Caregiver

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Take 5 Minutes to Care for Yourself

Being a caregiver can be fraught with peril. Think about it, care giver not care receiver. You are giving all day long. Children, spouses, parents, bosses, and even pets. You give care to everyone you come in contact with. Except for the one person who needs it the most, you.  

Your Pets are among those who need your care
How do you say no to that face?

So be your own caregiver. Do for yourself what you do for all of the other people in your life.  Even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom or your car. You think, great idea but I don’t have the time for that. Well, guess what, you have more time than you think. Give yourself care in the margins of your life.

You Can Find The Time in Many Places

Give yourself some care when the little ones are napping
God Bless nap time

You’ll find out there are many opportunities for Me times during the day tucked away in the edges and pockets of your life. There is so much time we waste on video games, television, and texting. You can use the time while stuck in traffic or waiting in line to pick up your kids. You can make time for yourself while your parent or child is napping or after everyone else is in bed. Or before they get up. (never an option in my book)   

Instead of playing games on your phone (unless that is your Me time) or answering emails (they can always wait) you can carve out a few minutes for yourself.  If worse comes to worst, you can lock yourself in the bathroom. If you have to hide from the kids and the pets, do it. (though the cat will try to stick her paws under the door.)

So, here’s the plan. At least once a day for the next 31 days do something nice for yourself for 5 to 10 minutes. (We’re starting off with baby steps.) Put down the phone, close the laptop, or turn off the TV. Go someplace with no internet.

Find your own phone free zone

Find a no electronic zone for the best self care

I live in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Once you pass the entrance sign, it doesn’t matter which phone service you have, you cannot hear me now. You are free from phone, texts, and interruptions.  In the Smokies you are out of contact and it’s glorious, like living in the 90s again. (Sue me, I loved the 90s. You could drive all day and not get a single phone call)

Granted that can be problematic if you have car trouble on Cades Cove Loop. It may be a while until the Park Rangers show up. But luckily 30,000 people visit the park every day so someone is bound to find you. So bring some snacks and drinks just in case.  No tuna subs, though. Bears love those.

Just think about it, no texting, no internet, no googling. It’s just you, nature and that bear standing behind you.

Make a self Care travel bag for your car

Carry a self care bag with you in your car for a quick pick me up.

When you finally find a few minutes to yourself make sure you have the tools you need nearby. Make a Self Care bag for yourself or someone you love and keep it in your car for quick pick me ups. Everyone’s needs are different so what you put in your Tool Kit will vary. Also, if you’re making it for someone else, make sure they don’t have allergies.

My god all the tingles!

Here are some ideas for your bag: A stuffed animal if you need a hug. Chapstick, Face wipes, Scented Hand Lotion, tissues, and your favorite Essential oil. A Small notebook and pen for jotting down your thoughts. Your Favorite perfume, a bottle of water and Protein bars or snacks. And if you want the ultimate in tingly pleasure you need a Scalp massager (I love these!!)

5 Minutes of Self Care

There are different types of self-care. These are a few of the main categories with examples you can use in 5 to 10 minutes of Me time


Happiness in a glass

Read one chapter of a book~Sit with your eyes closed and do nothing~ Dance or Sing~Show up 5 mins early, sit in your car and relax~Color a page~Put on your favorite perfume ~Pop bubble wrap~Take off your shoes and rub your feet~Read a magazine~Massage your scalp and hands~Shave your legs~Lotion your hands or feet~Have a glass of wine~Eat Dark Chocolate~Eat water dense food like watermelon~Drink a warm beverage~ Drink a glass of ice water with lemon or cucumber

2. Emotional

Make a list of things that make you happy~Forgive someone who wronged you~Write down 3 things you are grateful for~ Free Write in a journal~Play your favorite song ~ Cry ~ Write 3 nice things about yourself ~Write down your anxieties~ Write down a mistake or regret then forgive yourself

3. Social

Send someone a nice text~Watch a funny YouTube or Reddit post~Delete 10 emails

4. Spiritual

Pray~Talk to your Angels ~Stargaze~ Be alone ~Stretch ~Meditate ~Take 3 deep breaths slowly

5. Environmental

Open a window and breathe ~Make your bed Then Lie Down ~Turn off your phone or TV ~Close your laptop ~Light a scented candle~ Smell lavender oil or citrus ~Throw away 1 thing ~Sit on the Porch and just listen ~Warm up your PJs for 5 mins in a dryer then put them on

These are just a handful of ways that you can take care of yourself. Please, comment below with your favorite ways!!

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